The Club is a Digital part of Club Life Style...

The Club has earned global reputation founded world’s first Digital Exclusive Private Club , unparalleled entertainment for party lovers . At its core, The Club remains a party place to entertain and be entertained. With a timeless combination of comfort, glamour and intimacy, The Club continually strives to create an rich atmosphere that is as unforgettable and celebratory as ever for a diverse, eclectic and cosmopolitan membership

The Club is a Digital part of Club Life Style, bringing local and international singles together to enjoy an eclectic mix of rich music, ranging from live performances by internationally acclaimed DJs, to intimate in- rich conversations and free video broadcasting chat with party people . If you would like to register your interest in membership to The Club , please send a verification video to start membership . The Club is unique app with video verification. 100% Live Video Verified people from all around the world .

Rules & Bylaws The mutual enjoyment of the Elite Club by all of its members is central to the Club existence , For Guidance, the club’s of conduct is found in the rules & bylaws which all members expected to follow.

Photo Upload and Live Video Streaming Rules
Nudity or Sexually suggestive Adult content are not allowed.
The Night Club encourages individuality and fabulous party dressing. Club Dress Code to be binding or overly prescriptive , we do politely our members to dress for the occasion and be respectful in their choice of smart attire.

Stay Classy and Elegant